I am a Web Designer featured with Frontend Dev. I create functional websites and mobile interfaces with user-centered, intuitive and polished design.


🌭BYO Bonus

Landing with dynamic popups and sausages on Create-React-App


SPA for searching movies based on React & The Movie Database API

💎True Promo

Responsive website of promotion company on HTML/CSS/JS

👑Golden Leaf

Responsive website for online gaming based on HTML/CSS/JS


Build Your Own Bonus

Landing pages with sausages 🌭 based on React

UX/UI concepts

Some amount of UX/UI design concepts

Digital Kazakhstan

Digital Kazakhstan - website development for state program

President Foundation

President Foundation - website development and design

Z Community

Z Community - website development for educational camp

My Blog

Morville's key factors of UX

User Experience (UX) is critical to the success or failure of a…

Adding dark mode to website

I recently decided to add dark and light mode to my website so that…

Local server on XAMPP

Let's imagine you are working on website based on PHP and GIT and you…

Nice looking Git log

One of the most used git command is which shows commit logs. I found…

Hyper.js for Windows

Hyper is a HTML/CSS/JS terminal with awesome and extensible interface…

What I learnt doing website on Gatsby

In following post I am going to describe experience building website…

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