Amal Tapalov
Amal Tapalov
2021 – 2022
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Procurement management platform
Bring your data into one place and visualise everything on 'create your own' dashboards - in real-time. Metrix gives you the tools to make better decisions at every level of your business. It is a business management solution that automates financial, customer relationship and supply chain processes.
Designing a streamlined version of the SaaS platform is not a piece of cake since there's a heavy reliance on ease of use. The dashboard UX must be intuitive and maintain relevancy for specific user needs.
Since there is a huge load of data, next challenge I faced up to is data visualization. SaaS platform can have a lot of information of different types such as budget monitoring and control, integrated tracking systems, real-time analyzing of workload and many more. All of it should be clearly visible and easy to understand.
I designed a solution for customizable dashboard with numerous amount of widgets which can be chosen according to the user needs. I managed to provide widgets for extensive goals which includes communication between buyer and supplier, tracking of different types of metrics, map visualization, kanban boards, different types of graphs and bar charts, input fields and many more.
I went with this approach since I believe good and simple representation of data save users' time, boost usability and improve user experience.
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” — Leonardo da Vinci
I went with a corporate design approach but leaned more toward a modern, contemporary, and futuristic look. Instead of adhering strictly to the SaaS style and all corporate product requirements, the goal is to demonstrate the potential of good design in that context.
Thanks to close collaboration with the stakeholder after several rounds of design review and brief customer communication the Metrix platform's design was fully built up. Overall, the entire set of Metrix's design kit contains 24 different screens, 50+ components, and 200+ elements.
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