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App for Behavioral Healthcare
Wecary is a web and mobile app helping people to get through rehabilitation and treatment by setting goals and constant collaboration with specialists. Wecary is based on gamification effects from using goals and check-ins in therapy which result in improved resilience and decreased anxiety and depressive symptoms.
My main goal was to design a user-friendly tool and trustworthy environment where users could work on their issues, obtain the necessary advice from experts, interact, and support one another while making plans and pursuing their objectives.
To develop a user-friendly, effective mobile and online application for each user role that will assist young people with behavioral and mental health difficulties. Near work with the flow chart allowed me to get a clear picture of required functionality and screens.
Important information about the course of therapy is accessible to the user, the user's parents, and the specialists. This makes it easier for everyone engaged to keep tabs on their progress, set new objectives, and provide and receive assistance as required. Users may follow the therapy's development and directly contact therapist via phone or video call.
Dashboard components make it easy to track it. There are 10+ widgets in dashboard with a descriptive visualization. An example of a check-in board that unconsciously encourages users to finish work is one with green checkboxes rather than red crosses.
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