Amal Tapalov
Amal Tapalov
2020 – now
My role
Senior Web Designer
My Service
UX / High-fidelity Wireframes
User Interface & Visual Style
Interaction Design
User testing / CJM
Design System
Forrester, G2, Capterra, Techcrunch
Robust Project Management Software
Wrike is a versatile online project management and work collaboration platform that enables teams to deliver work with speed and efficiency. Wrike has tools that allows users to simplify project planning, centralise communications and streamline workflows, even when your team is working remote. 20,000+ companies in over 140 different countries use Wrike to implement best processes in their businesses.
During my 2 year ride I contributed to multiple high-impact web projects such as design system, development of internal web tools, improvement of web UX and a design advocate.
Wrike has a complex website that shows all core information about the product and that Wrike is a top-rated company. I was working on web design system components in order to easily and quickly assemble sections of different types to solve user needs and achieve marketing and product goal.
Interface elements are fundamentals building blocks of the system. I used an Atomic Design Methodology. I worked on extensive library of atoms, molecules and organisms, where each patterns, option and state was described in details to have a clear picture for designers and web developers.
Atoms and molecules include basic elements such as buttons, inputs, links, typography, etc. Organisms are prebuilt web page blocks. With variability in mind, I and the team collected a huge pack of sections which ensure visual variety on the website. This approach helped to save a bunch of time and effort since it works as a well documented single source of truth in one place for building web experience.
You can imagine how much time was spent on creating design system and developing the logic of elements. Eventually hard work paid off and website team managed to achieve great results in conversation rates, trials and product purchases. I'd like to note that working on design system of such complex website as Wrike is always never-ending process cause there is a different ways and directions to improve UX.
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