UX/UI concepts

Definition: UX design refers to user experience design, while UI design stands for user interface design. Both of these are crucial to an IT product and need to work closely together. Here you can discover some of my design concepts of UX/UI.

Neumorphism UI

Neumorphism is a new skeumorphism. It becomes more and more popular on the web.

Neumorphic container however pretends to extrude from the background. It’s a raised shape made from the almost same material as the background. But has light shadow which is apperead as buttons and blocks covered by thin material as silk.

Screens preview

Audemars Piquet App Design

Real presentation of Audemars Piquet App. There is a smooth horizontal slider for choosing different watch models. There is a vertical menu of different names of selected model range on the left of slider. Below slider you can see shopping cart and menu. Inside watch card you can discover detailed information of certain watch model and then “Add to cart” button and “Like” button to save it in wishlist.

Screens preview

Dark and light mode preview

Iceland - Tours Picking Web App

UI/UX design for tour picking Web App. The main part of this project is slider realization which is presented by classic arrow button in bottom right corner of the screen and eye-catching box on the right of the screen. Please press play to have a look to watch smooth transition between different slides.

Homepage preview

Iceland trips homepage

Film Cast Web App

Film Cast Web App design concept. UX includes header section section, intro section and main-aim section. There is a completely basic elements in header sections such as links to other inner links. Intro section consists from special rendered Avengers Endgame movie logo with revealing effect, short film description and CTA. Finally, main-aim section includes actor/acteress section to allow page visitor to rate cast based on own opinion and professional performance.

Film Cast Web App

FootLocker Web App

Simple and minimalistic web application design. This page demonstrates sneakers custom page for picking certain model. UX contains from header section with menu elements and social media links. After that you can see section for choosing different brand models. Next part is summary section which shows sum of visitor order.

Footlocker homepage

Cinema City

A little experiment with Cinema City choosing ticket screen for desktop version of the website.

Cinema City tabs preview

Good Room

Welcome screen design of escape room supplier Good Room

Pretty simple and self-sufficient design consists of header section with search by keywords field. In hero section CTA as "Learn more" and "Tickets" can be seen. After that there is a slider with information of different types of escape rooms and there is a button linked to more detailed information about each type.

Good room quests


Welcome screen design of hosting provider website WI.net

Unique part of welcome screen are header section providing general information such as "products", "FAQ" "about us", "contact" pages; section of choice of hosting plans including 3 input fields; section with main features of hosting provider.

Wi-net homepage


Welcome screen design of website CleverRed - consulting and courses for education companies.

There are header section with main web routes such as "Cases", "Contact" and "Sign in", CTA to "learn more" about company and timetable for seminars and news to provide an information of company activities.

Cleverred homepage

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